New Employee Orientation

A two-hour presentation based on TELA, designed to work with any existing onboarding program your organization may already have in place. This presentation provides an overview of the critical points around ethical leadership to promote a strong start and positive work environment. Regardless of the employee’s level of entry into your organization, they will walk away from this orientation with team-building confidence and a better understanding of their role in building a positive organizational culture.

New Leaders Ethical Leadership Training

A four-hour training session designed for new leaders. Attendees will leave equipped with the basic tenets of TELA and tools to evaluate their own ethical framework. The training is fully interactive and designed to engage new leaders of all ages and backgrounds. There is no better time in a professional’s career than right at the start to build a leadership foundation strong enough to address the many issues leaders face.

Conference Presentations

Twenty to forty-five minute presentations tailored to your needs for large-scale or smaller breakout groups, all based on TELA. Whatever your need, we will listen and customize a presentation that fulfills it. Confidentiality and trust are paramount in the process, and we welcome an open dialogue in finding the right finished product for you.